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Book Review :: Your Dreams are Mine Now – Ravinder Singh

your-dreams-are-mine-nowBook Review: Your Dreams are mine now

Author: Ravinder Singh

Genre: Fiction

Publisher: Penguin Metro Reads

Price: 175INR

This novel portrays a very interesting story, comprehending various facets of relationship, uncovering some newfangled and bold demeanor of today’s world while effectuating their dreams.

It’s a beautiful tale embracing affinity, companionship, relationship and endurance. We all have a dream to turn into reality, a dream which keeps us awake and perceive hard endurance to attain it. A dream for which people are going to remember you, however, it takes a lot to turn that dream into reality and here the plot of this story is set, where the protagonist decides to fly further and no coming back.

The fiction reconnoiter the amour between the leads of the story, Arjun and Rupali. Both the charterers are completely contradistinctive to each other, whether it’s hobbies interests, likes or dislikes they have nothing common in them. Arjun is a Delhi boy, who has ardent interest in the youth politics and want to go higher in the same niche. Whereas, Rupali is a small town girl, who has come to Delhi to pursue her higher education and is idealistic in nature. A hefty scandal in college takes place which brings them closer and with the resolving of this scandal issue Arjun start falling head over heals in love with Rupali. The story of this fiction is set in the dorms of Delhi university, where Rupali comes from Patna to study there and abide her dreams. After some time, she came to know the inner convolutions going on in the collage campus which gradually, results in her friendship with Arjun and then in love. Both politics and love go hand in hand in the story.


There many twists and turns in the story which will bring tears in your eyes and the writer has portrayed each and every scene in a very fascinating way. While reading this book you are going to feel like watching a movie. We love this book and of course the climax which very emotive and will take you in its flow. We can’t say much about climax, this is most substantial part as it unfolds some isolated memories of the story which you need to read. If you are a fiction lover, like Bollywood movies and crazy about love stories then you just can’t miss it. The story is absorbing and endearing and is written very beautifully that the reader can facilely relate with it.

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Urban Mira is a sagacious and with her witty writing, beautiful photography and snippets, be it homeware or travel, her adventures will keep you going for more

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