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Now Turn Your Smartphone Into A Gym Instructor

In this endeavoring world, it becomes really challenging to take out time for the gym sessions, even reachability, time scheduling or the search of an adept gym instructor becomes a snag in stride of getting good health and perfect physique. But now all these ados can be sort out with use of your smartphone, yes, your smartphone. All you need to do is to search some good fitness apps which attunes with all your requirements, and to give it a kick, we have chosen some amazing fitness apps which will not only endows you numerous exercises but a personal trainer also, which will keep a check on all your activities and will proffer motivation when you are out of will power.

  • Skimble Fitness Trainer: It is one of the most adroit fitness app, managed by Maria Ly and her adept team and their amazing fitness app has soared more than two million downloads. You can start using this app by inputting some essential data, the target you want to achieve and then you can choose the program which meets all your requirements. Some programmes are free and some are paid, however initially you can go with a free program and if you find it beneficial then go for the paid programmes. The app gives you the option to select a trainer, customise your workout schedules and the trainer voice instructs how to perform exercises with the picture cues which will help you to perform exercise.
  • Gain Fitness Cross Trainer: You can get quick and easy workout sessions which takes you through different sets of programmes which are customisable. The app is astonishing, especially for the people who love to workout with music as it syncs the opted set workouts with your music player. Some features of this app are free whereas some are paid and requires the app to be upgraded to premium version which you can buy for $10. The coach here will drive you through workouts and the wondrous app also keeps the record of your performance history and the calories burnt.
  • Runtastic PRO: This is an adroit app especially for the cardio workout sessions which also renders information about speed, time, distance, calories and many more. This app comes with voice coach feature which provides you audio feedback about the workout activities completed by you.
  • Fitness Buddy: This app does not enormous workout sessions as in other apps in this genre, but has pervasive workout library of standalone exercises, 1700 according to them and around 1000 HD videos from which you can opt for the one which suits all your requirements.  All these features are available in their paid version which costs INR 110 but free version of this app is also available with less number exercises and videos.
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Urban Mira is a sagacious and with her witty writing, beautiful photography and snippets, be it homeware or travel, her adventures will keep you going for more

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