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This Teacher’s Day, become a Teacher!

Anyone can become a teacher. Teaching someone doesn’t require a specialization in any subject like Mathematics, Science or SST; it’s not a hard task if you try. You can teach someone the moral values or the life lessons. And to be honest, this is what lacks in today’s world: Moral values!

In this increasing era of science and technology, what’s going down is humility. You can become a scientist, doctor, or engineer, and still lack in moral values.

This teacher’s day, teach someone about the basic values everyone should acquire by the age of 5, but still, haven’t acquired by the age of 50.

Value#1: Honesty
In this world, honesty is the least found value that is left. The best way to encourage truthfulness is to be a truthful person yourself. One way to promote the value of honesty: Don’t overreact if someone lies to you. Instead, help them find a way, to tell the truth.
Even if being honest isn’t always easy or comfortable, you will always feel better if you tell the truth.

Value#2: Justice
Justice in this corrupted world is something that is very hard to get. In order to help internalize a true sense of justice, you need to encourage yourself to take some action to remedy a wrong. Saying “sorry” is pretty hard for everyone, especially when it’s not your fault. If you’re aware that someone has acted badly towards other, help them think of a way to compensate.
By encouraging someone to fight for justice, you emphasize the importance of treating people fairly.

Value#3: Determination
The determination is a value that you can encourage from a very young age. The easiest way to do so is by avoiding excessive praise and by providing children with honest feedback, delivered in a gentle, supportive fashion. Another powerful way to help develop determination is to encourage them to do things that don’t come easily-and to praise them for their initiative.
Congratulate everyone when they manage to do things that are difficult for them.

Value#4: Consideration
The world is becoming selfish day by day. Ignoring other’s feelings, we do as we like to do and don’t even care about how it affects everyone else. Not everyone is as blessed as you are, not everyone has that much of assets as you have.
We should teach people to do something for someone else’s happiness. It definitely gives the sense of satisfaction.

Value#5: Love
Love, it’s the hardest thing to get from this world but the easiest to give. Be Generous with Your Affection with everyone. Don’t hesitate to show your love to anyone! The more love you give to this world, more will come back.

Mira is a budding columnist and blogger who has turned her interest of designing and creativity into an entire career. Mira is a sagacious and with her witty writing, beautiful photography and snippets, be it homeware or travel, her adventures will keep you going for more

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Urban Mira is a sagacious and with her witty writing, beautiful photography and snippets, be it homeware or travel, her adventures will keep you going for more

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