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  • Dating
    Cell Phones can Ruin your Relationship

    Cell Phones certainly keep us connected, but it seems out they are doing opposite on relationships. According to a Research cellphones...

    Urban MiraDecember 7, 2017
  • Parenting
    Is Your Love for Your Child Unconditional?

    How Bollywood movies and TV soap operas have always emphasized on the greatness of moms and their sacrifices, and how we...

    Urban MiraAugust 24, 2017
  • Dating
    Failed Relationships aren’t your Failure

    We often hear about “failed relationships”. But do relationships actually fail? Perhaps the better way to question yourself is do you...

    Urban MiraJuly 26, 2017
  • Marriage
    Five Fanciful Ways Of Getting Hitched

    Some people relish getting hitched in a plush hotel where bride and groom are wearing their traditional attire with all their...

    Urban MiraAugust 29, 2013

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