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Sunny Leone’s Harrowing Confessions on #NoFilterNeha

Sunny Leone recently appeared on Neha Dhupia’s well-known talk show #NoFilterNeha and made some mind blowing confessions. Here are some of the confessions made by her on the show:

The dorkiest thing about Sunny

I’m klutz and I’m really dorky, I’m probably the complete opposite of what’s in people’s minds of who I am. I can create my own website, learn HTML, webmaster program, and teach myself how to edit videos, photos.

Sunny Leone’s hidden talents

I don’t knit in public anymore because one time I was working on something on the plane and one of the actors I was with made fun of me. Actually, a couple of them have made fun of me. So then I got really embarrassed and I was like all right fine, I won’t do it in front of people. Well, I paint; I paint like large abstract paintings. I don’t have them here but have them up on the wall in the U.S.

Sunny’s crazy insect phobia

My team keeps a box of Odomos around, a can of HIT and get out sticks, so I knew I was going to Splitsvilla, I knew I was going in the middle of nowhere in the jungle, so I was like okay what can I do myself so that I don’t get crazy. So I brought those get out sticks, so I can light them in my room every night. I probably had some pollution or something from all the smell, it’s really not good for you. The insects land on my bed, there was one lizard that I swear to God; I don’t know what was wrong with him. He hated me; He took a shit on my pillow all the time, right in the center. How does he even get the poop in the center? How does he even know it’s the center of my pillow? Then I had to call and change my sheets because this totally freaks me out.

On being the most googled Indian for the past three years

It feels great because there are always people out there trying to tear you down or there are trying to hurt you with their words numbers are the only thing that you can’t change especially on google, that’s not my report and that’s not a paid report either which is the best and when I see that it just confirms in my head that I’m in the right place, I’m where I need to be and it reminds me how amazing and supportive my fans are beside anybody else who tries to push you down so when you see numbers like that, that’s the only thing which matters to me.

The time when actresses refused to share a stage with Sunny

Neha: I’m going to read this out, this is the quote that you made “One of the first award shows that you went to, they wanted to put me on stage with another woman or any other actor and all of them said no and someone really nice ended up saying a yes”. Who is this person?

Sunny: Chunky Pandey!

Neha: Why do you think they said a no?

Sunny: I was new then and when a new person comes in and especially when it’s like they think it’s shady or who is this person and where does she come from blah blah blah, I think there is some sense of curiosity plus at that moment there were probably many women who didn’t like me. I’m okay with that don’t really care so much but it was weird to sit there, and I was sitting there for a very long time because they couldn’t find somebody to go on stage with me. Somebody told Daniel and then Daniel told me.

Sunny hasn’t made real friends in Bollywood

Neha: Have you managed to make real friends in Bollywood

Sunny: Probably not, I mean I made really nice friends with people that I have worked with, and I know it sounds weird but where else am I going to meet people. I only meet people when I’m working with them. I’m, not part of some social group or club so it’s not like I’m meeting people and what I find is that people get so weird and shallow that it’s not me that they want to get to know its someone else.

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Urban Mira is a sagacious and with her witty writing, beautiful photography and snippets, be it homeware or travel, her adventures will keep you going for more

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