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Professions for People who Love to Speak

If in school, you were always punished for being the most talkative kid in class. At home, you are always snubbed for being a blabber mouth. But at a party, you are always the center of attention. You are the life of every social event. Your friends rarely mess with you in public because you are the king of comebacks. If you are a confident talker and public speaking is your thing, there is no reason why you should not utilize it to make a career.

Here are some cool professions that you, as a chatterbox, can totally take up.

Voice-Over Artist

The primary requirements are a good voice and a clear diction. Voice-overs are needed for TV shows, documentaries, advertisements, animation films, audio books, and corporate videos. You can begin by registering yourself as a freelance voiceover artist in companies that provide voice over services. The commanding voice of ‘Bigg Boss’ has been given by a famous voiceover artist, Atul Kapoor, while the narrator is another voice over artist, Vijay Vikram Singh, who started off as a radio jockey incidentally. The voice behind the Delhi Metro announcements is that of Rini Khanna, who is a well-known news anchor.

Motivational Speaker

Every time something happens, you are the first one to come up with a philosophy behind it. A motivational speaker needs to have the immense positive energy to be able to have a motivating influence on the crowd.

VJ / TV Show Host

Having a good sense of humor will be helpful. A VJ needs to have connected with his audience, be confident to face the camera, and be a smooth talker. There are tons of entertainment channels and shows to choose from. Hosting TV shows is also something a confident talker can do well.

Marketing and Sales

Convincing and persuading potential customers require not only a clever tongue but also a shrewd mind. Sales and marketing are ideal for those who have good convincing abilities and have lots of patience. It is a high-pressure job where the customer is the king. But if you are smart, you can rise very quickly in ranks.


Public relations are perhaps the face of every organization. As a PR officer, you need to have good communication and writing skills since you’d be dealing with clients. Networking is an integral part of PR, which should not pose as a hurdle for good conversationalists.

Radio Jockey

Radio jockeys prepare most of their scripts well in advance, but talking on the radio requires a lot of spontaneity. What’s better than chit-chatting with the entire city? It’s raining, the weather’s cold, traffic’s getting on your nerves? There’s nothing a radio jockey cannot discuss with his listeners. Perhaps they are the least lonely of people. Having a good hold on the culture is a must too. You are talking to an entire city; you need to have your desi humor well in place. And if you do, there’s no stopping you from becoming the local hero in your city.

News Anchor/Reporter

Perfect for those who can speak non-stop without getting tired or stumbling at any point. As a news anchor, you get to interview people, interrogate them if need be, a la Arnab Goswami style, and speak to your heart’s content.  And since there can’t be a silent moment in a show, you must know how to fill in the silences with small talk. A good understanding of politics and current affairs is a must.

Standup Comedian

Probably the most challenging and the most fun of all careers in this list! Standup comedy is emerging as a hot career choice these days, popularized by the likes of AIB, Vir Das, and East India Company among many talented others. To succeed as a standup comedian, you obviously need a great sense of humor, should know how to take a dig at anybody and everybody, including yourself, and have the confidence to face the crowd. You’d need to write your own jokes, promote yourself on Facebook and Twitter, and be generally crazy. The only bummer is that could go broke every now and then in the initial phase since the masses have not really warmed up to the idea of paying to hear a joke.


Of course, public speaking is only one of the many skills that go into making a politician. But it is a key skill. If you can sway the crowd with your powerful rhetoric or silence reporters with your clever comebacks, you will go a long way in politics. Oh, and it’ll also come in handy in the parliament when you have to shout to be heard.


You always seem to have a solution to every problem under the sun. All your friends come to you for advice whenever there is a crisis in their lives. Safe to say you are the agony aunt of the group. Counselors provide services in schools and hospitals, or they could practice independently. Career counseling is a thriving profession, and counseling workshops are a norm during admission season.

Mira is a budding columnist and blogger who has turned her interest of designing and creativity into an entire career. Mira is a sagacious and with her witty writing, beautiful photography and snippets, be it homeware or travel, her adventures will keep you going for more

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Urban Mira is a sagacious and with her witty writing, beautiful photography and snippets, be it homeware or travel, her adventures will keep you going for more

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