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Kangana Discreetly took a Jab at the A-listers of Bollywood in new AIB video

After Kangana’s explosive interview with Rajat Sharma on ‘Aap Ki Adalat’, Kangana has now tied up with All India Bakchod, a comedy group, where she has discreetly taken a jab at the A-listers of Bollywood. In the latest series of the promotion of her movie Simran, the video stars Kangana as an everywoman actress named Priya who is readying for a shot but is rudely dismissed by the director.

The director can’t  even recall who she is and the words ‘Female Lead’ don’t ring a bell – what does is when Kangana refers to herself as the hero’s love interest. He also refuses to listen to Kangana’s complaint about her dialogue.

The actress wearing a red lehenga dance to the tunes of Chittya Kalaiya Ve, however with another set of lyrics. Kangana has slammed the directors right at the start of the video who do not listen or care about the actresses and become the Jaya Bachchan of Kabhi Khushi Kabh Gham the minute the actor arrives on the set. When the actor also flags the same ‘quantum physicist won’t say this’ problem with the script and his suggestion is instantly and warmly received. Clearly, the hero is treated like SRK (God of Bollywood)

That’s not all, during the song dance sequence; she is requesting the hero to increase her role because that how Bollywood works for actresses. Kangana also takes a jibe at actresses who do not speak up and are more than happy to be objectified, clearly hinting at Jacqueline Fernandez, when she sings, “sirf chaddiya me nachaaiya vein, cause I have vagina rey, na sunte meri, cause I have vagina rey”

The song is basically a series of one-liners stitched together, notable among which is the line “Papa ne tujhko launch kiya ve, Main boli toh tune taunt kiya ve, tu karti victim play.” It’s not hard to connect the dots: it’s an unsubtle jibe at the two men Kangana has most recently tangled with – Hrithik Roshan, whose father launched him in Kaho Naa… Pyar Hai and directed him in several subsequent movies; and Karan Johar who responded to Kangana’s now infamous ‘flag bearer of nepotism’ comment by accusing her of playing the ‘woman and victim card.’

Then she goes on to take SRK’s case where he puts his co-star’s name before his name in the rolling credits, but he still has more zeros in his paycheck. She does not even spare the people who tell her that she is ballsy and mardaani.

In the end, AIB founder Tanmay comes in the frame saying “cut cut” when Kangana says, this script was not written by her, again attacking Apurva Asrani, who has put allegations on her for stealing his credit.


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Urban Mira is a sagacious and with her witty writing, beautiful photography and snippets, be it homeware or travel, her adventures will keep you going for more

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