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Gadgets :: Creative Hitz MA350 – A Perfect Gift For All Music Lovers

GADGETS :: Creative has recently unveiled a new earphone MA350 in their Hitz range, which is designed to work with your smartphone’s music system and doubles up its feature when working as a hands-free for your calls and is available in four bright and funky hues. So, lets find out, is all this only for  show or on the go….?

Design and Features

It comes with minimalistic packaging and you’ll find two extra pair of silicon ear tips which are translucent and thick enough to snugly seal your ear canal without hindering them. The cable is flat which doesn’t easily tangles and the rubbers are soft and durable which enhances its life. The length of Creative Hitz MA350 is 1.2m which is long enough for comfortable usage with your PMP or phone. Its chambers are made of plastic with glossy finish and has a sawed-off design which sits evenly when you wear them. Inside it, there is 9mm neodymium magnet with frequency response of 6Hz to 23KHz, even the microphone is sensibly place on the right cable just higher up of the remote control. The remote control has only one key for controlling the music and receiving the calls and for volume adjustment a slider is given instead of buttons, which give you more precise control over the volume of the player, however, we felt that the built-in quality of the remote could be improvised. And on the end of the earphone we have an L-typed gold plated connector of 3.5mm. Overall we find Creative Hitz MA350 high in terms of build quality (except for the in-line remote) and esthetic appeal, even the built-in remote and microphone rounds up the features set nicely.   


These earphones offers a good seal which manages to block out a fair amount of ambient noise as they sits snugly in your ears, but we experienced a slight tiredness after extended listening. We started with some classics like Hotel California in FLAC format and sounded quite good but the bass was slightly heavy. Even the mids were not well defined but was not a completely wash out either and the bass has good slam which makes trance genres and hip-hop sound pleasant and can even handle low frequencies like a champ. However, it is unable to reproduce certain details of FLAC files but you won’t notice this deficiency with MP3s.


With retail price of INR 2,299, its bit expensive for the performance it offers but an apt option for the music lovers as the audio quality is very good, even bass endows minute details of the song.


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Urban Mira is a sagacious and with her witty writing, beautiful photography and snippets, be it homeware or travel, her adventures will keep you going for more

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