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Celebrities and their Beauty Blunders!

Our fashion inspiration, Bollywood celebrities are always in the spotlight, so they have to be picture ready as soon as they step out of the door. But there are times when even some of the best actresses have their disaster moments. There have been times when Bollywood divas have had some run in with poor makeup choices.  And, you know what they say, celebs without makeup look better than makeup gone wrong!

Here are some celebrity beauty blunders that you should avoid at all costs!

Please, Conceal your Concealer


Concealers come very handily when you have to cover your dark circles and imperfections, but too much concealer is always a disaster. The concealer should always be covered with a loose powder. If the white concealer is visible under your eye, what’s the point of using it in the first place?

Foundation not matching to your Skin Tone

foundation not matching

Most women make this mistake without realizing this. They tend to go with the fairest looking foundation available in the market. However, if this same mistake is made by celebs, who have makeup artists to do this job, it’s a bit embarrassing, don’t you think? Save yourself from this situation and always match your foundation to your skin tone before applying it on your face. Otherwise, at least make sure to apply the foundation to your neck area, which is exposed so that your face and neck are of the same tone.

Oily Makeup Is a Strict No

oily makeup

Always buy makeup, which is oil free and of good quality, which suits your skin. Makeup which appears oily after a few hours can look like a disaster. For instance, take a look at this picture of Gauri Khan in which her face is looking so oily that it is reflecting light. It is a fashion disaster for sure!

Keep your Blush Natural

natural blush

While applying blush on your cheeks, do not rub in all of it in a single spot. It looks artificial and disastrous. This is one of the most common and horrible Celebrity Beauty Blunders. Blush should always be spread in the flattering area of your cheek very lightly and such that it appears evenly spread and natural.

Bright outfit calls for a light makeup and vice-versa

bright outfit

The bright colored dress needs a little more toned down makeup. The bright pink cheeks and the pink lipsticks are giving her an overdose of the color. Maybe a subtle nude or neutral makeup could have done the trick. So, if your outfit is bright, tone down your makeup. You should know how to adjust your makeup according to your outfit.

Never Overdo Your Eye shadow


The eyes are the most expressive part of your face. In fact, it is the most ‘eye catching’ feature of the whole face, yes, pun intended.  Immediate attention is drawn to the eye makeup, anywhere you go. So, the correct eye makeup is the most important thing that you need to learn. Heavy eye shadow, which is poorly done, and which is in high contrast to your outfit and rest of the makeup, is a real turn off for you. Do not experiment with your eye shadow, unless you are really good at it.

No to Bronzer High!

no bronzer high

A few dashes of bronzer on the face and a little highlighter on the brow bone can instantly uplift your look. But what about these beauties who look totally glazed and bronzed? Not so flattering, right? Bronzer or highlighter should to be used to the minimum. They just add that extra dimension to your face. Overdoing these products can ruin the entire effort that you have put into your makeup.

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Urban Mira is a sagacious and with her witty writing, beautiful photography and snippets, be it homeware or travel, her adventures will keep you going for more

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